František Hubatka

Graduated in Applied Geophysics at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague and has been working in his field since 1984.

He is a self-taught artist and has been painting continuously since 1989, has been exhibiting independently since 1997 and has been a tribal artist of the literary association Weles since 2003. He illustrated the anthology No.13/2001 – “Small Formats” and poetry collections of its members. He published books of his reproductions, accompanied by poems by friends.

“František Hubatka’s painting is almost volcanic in its presentation, wide open to all kinds of life events and changes of seasons, as well as to all the moods of a freely unleashed mind. It is born, perhaps, from the trace of the brush in the process by which it recognizes itself. It finds in it the shapes of its visions and materialized dreams, whether vividly present or past recollections, and matures into certainty. Often, however, it is deliberately left in suggestion in order to demonstrate the very process of its gradual emergence and to bring the viewer’s imagination to life.

František Hubatka is a painter who is richly gifted and therefore also richly giving. And it is no wonder that he is a friend of many poets, most of them his peers. He himself is the author of colourful poems without words.”

Miroslav Koval

(well-known Czech photographer, painter, draughtsman and curator),

February 2009